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Getting started with TYPO3 v9 LTS after installation

You will discover the basics of TYPO3 v9 LTS. Daniel Siepman will start with a basic introduction into the TYPO3 backend layout and functionalities.
Discover why TYPO3 does not display anything in frontend by default and understand how to display content in frontend.

Investment € 211,75

TDD, DDD and Teamwork

Do you have difficulties writing effective, helpful tests up front? Have you heard of Domain Driven Design, but are you still unsure when and where to use value objects? TDD and DDD are key skills for team members of highly effective, performant teams.
In this workshop Pim Elshoff will learn you the skills of TDD and DDD, and how to apply them effectively in a team. Asking the right questions, writing useful tests and creating meaningful code. 

Investment € 302,50

Advanced Application Architecture.

Do you want to how you keep your domain model clean, free from infrastructural concerns? Model your application's use cases as application services and connect your application and domain layers to the world outside, using port adapters? Mathias Noback will learn you how to reach this goals in his workshop. 

Investment € 302,50