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Workshop - Code smells and how to refactor them

Code smells prevent you and your team from keeping a sustainable development pace. They’re not bugs. They don’t cause the program to behave in a wrong way. But they are a risk towards the future. They might result in slowing you and your team down, or might be the source of technical debt and future bugs.

Although code smells are slightly subjective and dependent on language and programming paradigm, there are a few typical code smells that can be easily recognized, and more importantly, easily fixed.


In this course, you will learn why code smells are bad, how to recognize them, and how to solve them. It’s a hands-on course, where most part of the day you’ll be deep-diving into C# code, trying to find and solve common OO code smells.

Detailed contents:

  • What are code smells?

  • Why are code smells bad and why must they be removed?

  • Refactoring and test-driven development

  • Common code smells and how to refactor them:

    • Bloaters (long methods, large classes, long parameter lists, etc.)

    • Object-Orientation Abusers (switch statements, temporary fields, bad inheritance, etc.)

    • Change Preventers (shotgun surgery, divergent changes, parallel inheritance trees)

    • Dispensables (unnecessary comments, duplication, shallow classes or functions, dead code, etc.)

    • Couplers (tight coupling, trainwrecks, etc.)

For who

This course is for all programmers who write software on a regular basis, mostly in OO languages like C#, C++ or Java.

Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of C# is required as the exercises will be in C#. If you’re unfamiliar with C#, you can prepare with some basic exercises on an online learning platform. For example:

About the trainer

Tonni is a passionate software developer and trainer. He has a passion for everything related to the art of creating software. Ranging from working methods to programming languages and frameworks. Above all, he has a passion to help others and share his knowledge. He is a jack of all trades; quickly picking up new technologies and frameworks and sharing this knowledge and passion with as many people as possible.

His courses are known for the high amount of interaction and exercises. If you’re looking for a course where the teacher talks and you listen, then Tonni’s courses are not for you.

Practical information

One laptop per two participants is required. Participants should bring their own (or company) laptop.

Workshop ticket: € 500 (excl. 21% VAT)
(Web Camp are seperate tickets)

Maximum 15 participants.

When and Where?

Thursday February 29th
Starts at 9.30 Hours
Till 17.00 Hours

Location workshop:
Galerie de Hoeve
Hakkesstraat 30
+31 77 3545560

Lunch included.

Yes, I am registering now 

29.02.2024 10:00 - 17:00 Room 3
Workshop Advanced / Basic knowledge Developer