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Workshop - Introduction to TYPO3 Headless and Vue.js frontend

About the workshop:

Join our hands-on "Introduction to TYPO3 Headless'' , you'll dive into TYPO3 headless projects, exploring both backend and frontend parts. You'll learn how to tweak your projects and add new features, giving you the freedom to create your own solutions. 

You will know e.g. how to handle custom content elements and implement authorization in a headless way.

It's ideal for anyone starting out or looking to improve their skills in TYPO3 Headless technology. We use tools like ext:headless, nuxt-typo3, and Nuxt3, and we'll show you how TypeScript can make your code more stable and efficient. We highlight how Nuxt makes the development process faster and smoother.

By the end, you'll know how to use TYPO3 with a headless setup, build and manage websites with a separate frontend, and understand why headless architecture is beneficial. This workshop is all about giving you practical skills in TYPO3 headless development, so you'll leave ready to confidently handle TYPO3 headless projects.


Participant Insights

Opinions and feedback from our previous workshops, showcasing the experiences and insights of our attendees:

“Great Workshop to get a general overview how Nuxt-TYPO3 works, how to customize it and all the cool features that is has already. Totally worth the money and truly inspiring. I'm already looking forward to use it for new projects, converting existing projects and upcoming features. Great work!! Highly recommended Thank you!!”

“The training was educational and entertaining. It was really helpful to see what I'm already doing right when using headless and where there are better ways to implement things.”

“Informative training which gives you a headstart in headless typo3 development”

“The training was intense and I feel prepared to setup and develop with TYPO3 headless.”


Updated workshop content to 2024 reality


For 2024, we've upgraded the workshop with hands-on content straight from last year's dev feedback:

Practical Focus: We've updated our workshop to focus more on hands-on learning. We want to give you useful skills without bogging you down with too much theory. .

Latest Tech: We're using the newest Nuxt3 & Vue.js 3 and nuxt-typo3 versions, with TypeScript support. This is important for writing stable and efficient code.

New Content - Login Process: We've added new content like how to set up an authorization process in TYPO3 headless using ext:felogin. We chose this topic because it's what developers have been asking for, and we want to show you the best way to handle user logins.

For who?

The workshops are designed for TYPO3 developers (backend/frontend) who are interested in learning about the TYPO3 headless approach and its implementation in web development. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, these workshops are perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of web development.


  • Main features highlights
  • Solution architecture
  • How to kickstart a project and frontend application
  • JSON API customizations
  • Overriding existing Content Elements
  • Basics of creating Content Elements
  • Handling Extbase plugins
  • Frontend and Backend Layouts
  • Page Layout and Error handling
  • How to get great SEO with headless
  • PWA Capabilities
  • Example of login process 
  • Adapting existing projects to headless, mixed mode


Please ensure you come prepared, as this will save time and allow us to focus more on hands-on coding exercises:

About the trainers

Adam is a frontend developer with over 10 years of experience. He leads the frontend team at Macopedia and is responsible for its development and growth. Adam is also the co-creator of TYPO3 headless solution and nuxt-typo3 frontend module. In both his personal and professional life, he's a big fan of Vue.js and always tries to stay up to date with the latest frontend technologies. In his free time, Adam is a fan of skateboarding, electric longboarding, and snowboarding.

Łukasz is backend developer who currently works as the Lead TYPO3 Developer at Macopedia. Łukasz is author and maintainer of TYPO3 Headless extension, which is available as open source on GitHub. He also participates in QA Team which provides best practices for CI/CD for TYPO3 projects and extensions. Outside of work, Łukasz is trying his best at lifting weights, snowboarding and riding bikes.

Practical information

Workshop tickets early bird (first 4): € 299 (excl. 21% VAT); (Sold out)
Regular tickets € 380 (excl. 21%VAT).
(Web Camp are seperate tickets)

Maximum 15 participants.

When and Where?

Thursday February 29th
Starts at 9.30 Hours
Till 17.00 Hours

Location workshop:
Galerie de Hoeve
Hakkesstraat 30
+31 77 3545560

Lunch included.

Yes, I am registering now 

29.02.2024 10:00 - 17:00 Room 4
Workshop Starter / Overview Developer