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Domani Venlo

Domani, located on the Dominicanenplein in the heart of Venlo, has been Venlo's new cultural stage since September 2007. Housing corporation Woonwenz realized the stage in the late medieval chapel Mariaweide.

After a major renovation and restoration, the housing association of the former church made a beautiful new cultural stage, Domani. The new appropriate name "Domani" is Latin for "future" or "tomorrow" and thus refers to the new future that the church will have. The sound of Domani is also a reference to the last inhabitants of the monastery church, the Dominican priests who left their monastery in 2005.

Various cultural activities have been organized in the Domani culture stage since 2007, with a focus on music and special concerts.

Dominicanenplein 15
5911 KN Venlo
The Netherlands

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