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From TYPO3 Camp to Web Camp

Web Camp Venlo is the new name of TYPO3Camp Venlo, an annual web conference around TYPO3 since 2013. This year we invite also the PHP community by hosting two PHP workshops and talks on Friday.  We won't forget our first love, TYPO3. Talks about the CMS will be part of the program. 

For the 2020 edition, we’ve invited speakers to share their expertise and experience with the 150 attendees in a 2-day conference in Venlo. Beech organizes this yearly conference with the goal to enable the TYPO3 and PHP community to share insights, expertise and experiences in an open and inclusive environment. 

The camp is completely in English and is focused on mobile- and web development related to PHP technology and TYPO3 for developers and marketing/communication experts.

About barcamp

Barcamp on Saturday is an open event with open workshops. Participants decide on a topic and make a schedule at the beginning of the day. A barcamp provides an accessible and relaxed ability to learn new things, meet specialists and participate in the community.

In other camps visitors had very different levels of experiences with TYPO3 and web development. One part is very experienced and has been active as an example TYPO3 developer itself. Others are curious about TYPO3 and have only minimal experience with it. Sharing all this information makes the TYPO3camps unique in its kind.

More about Barcamps:

Examples of other TYPO3 barcamps:

About the organisers

Beech is a tech company that develops complex software applications and ensures the technical realization of complex websites that makes your work easier and more enjoyable. Our portfolio covers strong technical solutions for international stock listed companies that ensure you to get a better overview, more peace and focus. And makes sure your employees work more effeciently. This saves a lot of time and leads to considerably lower costs.

Founded in 2011 we began with an emphasis on TYPO3 and later expanded to Laravel, Angular and other areas surrounding this ecosystem. Through this focus we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to smooth business processes and growing business results for our clients with our team of great developers. 

Beech also supports the community by sponsoring external events and founded TYPO3Camp Venlo. We are proud of it’s contribution to the community. We love organizing and hosting Web Camp Venlo, as well as being a part of this great tech community.