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From TYPO3 Camp to Web Camp

Web Camp Venlo is the new name of TYPO3Camp Venlo, an annual web conference around TYPO3 since 2013. Since 2020 we invite also the PHP community by hosting workshops and talks.  We won't forget our first love, TYPO3. Talks about the CMS will be part of the program. 

We have invited speakers to share their expertise and experience with the 150 attendees in a 2-day conference in Venlo. We organize this yearly conference with the goal to enable the TYPO3 and PHP community to share insights, expertise and experiences in an open and inclusive environment. 

The camp is completely in English and is focused on mobile- and web development related to PHP technology and TYPO3 for developers and marketing/communication experts.

About barcamp

Barcamp on Saturday is an open event with open workshops. Participants decide on a topic and make a schedule at the beginning of the day. A barcamp provides an accessible and relaxed ability to learn new things, meet specialists and participate in the community.

Visitors of camps have a very different levels of experiences with web development and. e.g. TYPO3. One part is very experienced and has been active as an example TYPO3 developer itself. Others are curious about web development and have only minimal experience with it. Sharing all this information makes the camps unique in its kind.

More about Barcamps:

Examples of other barcamps:

About the organisers

Edward Lenssen, an IT entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, specializes in practical IT solutions, partnerships, open-source software, and community building. His expertise ranges from project acquisition, proposal creation to managing complex global IT projects for both multinationals and SME's. Edward thrives on collaborating with enthusiastic teams to deliver tangible results.  

Since 2004, Edward has actively contributed to the TYPO3 open-source community, sharing knowledge and organizing events. His commitment to open-source principles reflects his dedication to collaborative approaches in the dynamic field of information technology.  

Edward has been the driving force behind Web Camp Venlo and the surrounding community for 11 years.

Patrick Broens is a very early adoptor of TYPO3 and is developing with and for it since the year 2000. He was part of the TYPO3 core team for more then 12½ years and knows a lot about the ins and outs of this CMS.

Patrick is one of the owners of the company OpenGemeenten, located in Maarn, the Netherlands. They offer SAAS solutions and build websites for municipalities in the Netherlands, but also abroad, mostly using TYPO3 as their CMS of choice. Together with municipalities they try to come up with the best solutions for them. Once developed, the solution is available for all of their clients.

Patrick loves the TYPO3 community and is a regular speaker at national and international events. He loves TYPO3 so much he mostly wears TYPO3 t-shirts and hoodies. Heck, he even has the TYPO3 logo on his car.


Luisa Faßbender is a Senior Success Manager at TYPO3 GmbH by Day and TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead by Night. Since it's the most asked question: Success management mainly includes the TYPO3 Partner & Agency Management and every type of communication that comes with that ;-) She fell in love with both – TYPO3 as a product and a community – in 2015, when she started her internship as a project manager at Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH and attended her first TYPO3Camp RheinRuhr.

Ever since then, she's been infected with the TYPO3 virus and travels around the nation to spread the word about her beloved CMS. Additionally, Luisa holds a Master's Degree in Management, Marketing & Communications and always loves to connect and discuss!

Myrna is an Online Marketing Manager at KM2 >> with a passion for project management tasks. She thrives in the dynamic world of online marketing, bringing ideas to life and navigating the landscape of digital strategies.

She loves the collaborative spirit and mutual support of the TYPO3 Community, especially at events like the Web Camp Venlo or the TYPO3camp RheinRuhr. She enjoys connecting with others and wants to actively contribute to the collective success within the TYPO3 Community. She is particularly passionate about supporting with organizational tasks and is excited to be a part of the TYPO3 Marketing Team.

Ben was active in the TYPO3 community from the very beginning around the year 2000 and specifically as community manager for some 5 years. As community manager with his company, Age of Peers, he has consistently worked with people and teams to improve communication, collaboration, and participation and has enjoyed every moment of it. This international working environment has enabled Ben to connect to many other community managers and open source start-ups..

Ben loves sharing people skills and personal innovation, preferably in an open environment.

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