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Team up with Web Camp Venlo

As a sponsor you do not only support the Open Source Project TYPO3 and the Barcamp idea. You will benefit from your investment, because of the prominent audience (PHP developers, TYPO3 core developers, TYPO3 Association representatives ) present before, during and after the camp. All sponsors will be named and honoured appropriately throughout all marketing efforts and at the camp itself.

Target group
Our target group consists of TYPO3 developers, integrators, editors and management concerned with TYPO3 (CMS / Neos) and related technologies or projects (like TYPO3 Flow, Fluid). Also php developers and users mainly focused on other CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress are interested in the event, providing a unique opportunity.

Your benefit
As sponsor you reach out our target group with all available media. With our Sponsor Packages you generate a high number of contacts via a variety of media and at the event itself. 

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In recent days we have been present as #sponsor. Our #developers Ralph and Ronan attended good, educational workshops and training sessions about cms. For example, they delve into the clean code and #SOLR presentations and got to know many nice people from the trade!