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Jeroen Baten


Bio: Jeroen Baten

Jeroen Baten is an IT consultant and specializes in Linux and open source software. He is particularly interested in complex technical and policy issues.

After 10 years of living a very intensive life, in 2017 he was faced with a burnout. After his recovery, he likes to share his thoughts and lessons learned to save others from similar problems.

After 10 years of very intensive life, he was confronted with a burnout in 2017. After his recovery, he likes to share the life lessons he has learned to save others from similar problems. Jeroen is sometimes active as JeroenBaten on Mastodon and Kwootman on X, but he actually tries to avoid social media as much as possible.

His professional career can be found on LinkedIn, where he sometimes also posts posts about relevant topics in his field. His personal blog can be found at

Jeroen gives talks about various subjects like:

As a hobby he likes to read, he collects AS/400 systems and enjoys playing with synthesizers and computers.

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