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Gerben Geijteman

Bio: Gerben Geijteman

Avid motorbiker and drone enthusiast, found his first
real programming challenge 12 years ago. Writing a control panel &
administration system for his recently founded hosting company. The
solution? PHP.

He has since been walking the thin line between server operations and
the development world working as application engineer, system & cloud
architect, data engineer and most recently devops consultant.

With knowledge of development, data and operations he can offer a unique
and compasionate insight in development challenges, fully aware of how
theory translates into day to day business operation.


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13.03.2020 15:15 - 16:00 Developers experience

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Call for Proposals is open 

Web Camp Venlo 2020 is an excellent way to grow your network, share your ideas and the work that you are doing. If you are unsure about your participation and topic or you need support as a first time speaker, please get in touch with us. Multiple proposals are welcome!