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Workshop Getting started with TYPO3 V12 after installation

Discover the basics of TYPO3 v12 LTS


About the workshop

You will discover the basics of TYPO3 v12 LTS.
We will start with a basic introduction into the TYPO3 backend layout and functionalities.
Discover why TYPO3 does not display anything in frontend by default and understand how to display content in frontend.

At the end of the workshop you can...

  • Create your own content elements
  • Integrate your own HTML, CSS and JS into TYPO3 Frontend
  • Understand how TYPO3 works for basic tasks like content editing and displaying
  • How to build and integrate navigations

The program

  •  How to navigate the TYPO3 backend
  •  How to edit content
  •  How to render content (with Fluid)
  •  How to integrate a basic template into frontend
  •  How to build navigations via DataProcessing
  •  How to adjust backend forms for content and pages
  •  If time is available, the following bonuses might be possible:
  •  Configuring Routing

For who

For everyone who want to get started with TYPO3.
Everyone that needs to understand the basic principles and want to add custom content to TYPO3. 

About the trainer

Daniel Siepmann started to work with TYPO3 back in 2012 as a backend developer.
Since 2015 he also is an integrator and TYPO3 enthusiast. Since some time he is also part of TYPO3 Documentation team, Core Merger and part of the starting TYPO3 Trainer Network.

Back in 2017 he founded Codappix GmbH together with some friends to support TYPO3 Agencies and freelancers through trainings and professional support. His main interests are automation, TYPO3 and Unix.

When and Where?

Thursday 9 March
Starts at 9.30 Hours
Till 17.00 Hours

Beech office (other location than Friday/Saturday!)
Noorderpoort 53
5916 PJ  Venlo 
+31 77 30 30 300

Lunch included

Workshop ticket: € 225 (excl. 21% VAT)
(Web Camp are seperate tickets)

Maximum 15 participants.


Please bring your own Hardware (laptop) with an installed and up and running TYPO3 V12 LTS version. You will also need an text editor to edit files within TYPO3 installation, and access to the TYPO3 backend as administrator with maintenance rights.


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09.03.2023 10:00 - 17:00 2023 Room 3
Workshop Developer