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TYPO3 Headless - Product Demo & Case Studies

The presentation will showcase a demo of the TYPO3 Headless solution, including its solution architecture and ecosystem.

The presentation will highlight the benefits that headless provides to agencies implementing TYPO3 and discuss when it is appropriate to choose a headless solution.

You will also learn:

  • Real life examples of websites using Headless
  • TYPO3 Headless capabilities
  • TYPO3 Headless architecture
  • Benefit for agencies
  • When it makes sense to use headless and when not
  • How can you build Vue.js frontend for TYPO3 Headless
  • How to start try Headless and Vue front in 5 minutes

Presentation will be held by TYPO3 Headless maintainers and experts Adam Marcinkowski (frontend) and Łukasz Uznanski (backend)

10.03.2023 11:30 - 12:15 2023 Main room
Talk Starter / Overview DeveloperBusinessIntegrator