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Start your online shop with TYPO3 in less than an hour

What will you know after the talk what you didn't know before?

How to install the extension, add some products and kick of the shop. 
How to configure shipping and payment methods.
How to add or link the privacy policy and general terms and conditions.

I will try to give an outlook on how enlargement can be adapted to one's
own needs.

* The booking of events or seminars
* Linking your own product tables
* Creating your own shipping and payment methods
* Extending the order statistics

Where people get support.

For who is this talk?
Target group are all those who are thinking about presenting and/or selling products in TYPO3. In particular the lecture will be tailored to TYPO3 integrators.

About the speaker
Daniel and I already realized my first TYPO3 project in 1999/2000. Since then I've been working with TYPO3 most of the time. The TYPO3 extension cart is mostly developed in my spare time.
At TRITUM I work as a senior PHP developer. Privately I like to ride one of my bikes and deal with nature and sustainability.

13.03.2020 11:00 - 11:45 Developers experience
Talk IntegratorDeveloper