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Lessons from open source CMS ERP CRM Odoo and AI integration

Embark on a journey through the harmonious convergence of open source CMS ERP CRM, focusing on the Odoo platform, and the transformative capabilities of AI integration. Powered by Python, Odoo seamlessly integrates CMS, ERP, CRM, Marketing, Financing, and more into a unified system.

Join this talk to uncover essential insights on adaptability, cost-effectiveness, community collaboration, and the seamless integration that defines this powerful platform. Discover the key takeaways that illuminate the path towards a future where open source and AI combine forces to redefine the landscape of software development.

This session serves as your source of inspiration, showcasing the boundless possibilities that arise when open source principles intersect with enterprise solutions. Don't miss out on discovering the potential that awaits in this dynamic fusion of technologies.

01.03.2024 14:15 - 15:00 Small chapel