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Event postponed!!

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Workshop - TYPO3 Headless & PWA - Progressive Web Apps

We would like to show how you can use our TYPO3 headless / pwa solution to build your own project. We will learn how to:

  1. setup the environment - backend/frontend
  2. build the content element in headless approach
  3. integrate new content element with frontend based on Vue.js and nuxt-typo3 plugin.

Requirements to work:

For who is this?
For developers.

This workshop will be 2 hours. 

In stead of a live workshop, you can still attend a workshop online this Friday: Adam and Łukasz from Macopedia will talk about #TYPO3 #Headless #PWA - #ProgressiveWebApps. They will introduce the #TYPO3PWA solution and show the basic installation on the webinar.

Join if are a programmer, integrator, client, project manager or product owner!

Register here:

14.03.2020 13:30 - 17:00 Developers experience
Workshop Starter / Overview DeveloperIntegrator