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Open Source and I: Freedom, Love, and (or?) Contribution

About the talk - Where you gonna talk about?

Open source means taking control over your business-critical software, but where does your company and you as an individual belong in an open source community? What is contribution and community really about, and is it necessary? What would the world look like if everything was open source? Let's try to answer these questions with the TYPO3 project as an example.

What's in it for the visitor? - What will they learn?

This presentation looks at the role of the "me", "us", and "they" in open source software, and how participation in sharing and community can bring a new meaning to your business and personal life—as well as the world in general. I'll look at both pros and cons, but look at how the definitions of positive and negative impact are changed when you embrace community software.

For who is this talk- If you are .... you really should come and listen because...

This is a talk for you who is new to open source, but also experience open sourcers, who will find that the talk will put their work into a larger perspective.

13.03.2020 16:15 - 17:00 End users