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Get to know what is happening in your TYPO3 installation with the Dashboard for TYPO3

About the talk - Where you gonna talk about? 
In version 10 of TYPO3, a new feature will be added: a personal dashboard to show you all the information you need and give you a kickstart in your daily work in the backend of TYPO3.

What's in it for the visitor? - What will they learn? 
Get a demo of the new Dashboard for TYPO3. How can you use it, how can you

For who is this talk- If you are .... you really should come and listen because...
If you are a user of the backend of TYPO3, you really should come and listen because the dashboard will help any kind of user and I will show how the dashboard can help you during my presentation. No tech-talk: just how it can help you doing your job!

14.03.2020 13:30 - 17:00 End users